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EmTrip Standard offers a solution for travel agencies and consolidators looking to increase their product offerings, conveniently and efficiently. Aggregating content from various content suppliers, EmTrip has the ability to streamline the overall booking process by providing a consolidated display within a single platform. Featured with an easy-to-use interface, EmTrip boasts of reduced training time and increased customer productivity.

With the exponential growth in the B2B model, EmTrip standard enables our business partners to serve their customers efficiently, by providing the right pricing and inventory.


EmTrip standard - designed to complement the GDS platform; travel consultants can continue to create reservations outside of EmTrip. They can also have complete access to the enhanced capabilities that EmTrip has to offer, once the reservation has been imported back to the EmTrip platform, such as remote ticketing, cross-sell opportunities for enhanced revenue, simplified back office consolidation and enhanced reporting business metrics.

The powerful, yet, easy-to-navigate admin module provides agency administrators complete control of application behaviour based on their environment and business needs.

Our hands-on team of experienced industry experts are available for support and guidance.